Founded in 2008, Quoc Hung Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional in providing and manufacturing industrial machinery as well as the relating services such as:

  •   - Consulting, designing, processing and maintaining the machinery system.
  •   - Designing and executing the network of electricity and industrial automation
  •   - Providing material for industrial electrical, temperature and flexible accessories.
  •   - Providing all kinds of machines and sanitation and cleaning room equipments.
  •   - Supplying and installing the system of the telephone operator, network, camera equipment as well as fire reporting and theft reporting.
Inspite of specializing in various kinds of mechanical and automatics products and services, at this time we concentrate on 2 of these:
  •   - Shoes manufacturing machines
  •   - Industrial conveyor using in: agricultural industry, seafood industry, shoes industry, bag industry …
Using and applying the leading innovation as well as the modern technology and machinery, step by step, Quoc Hung is trying to prove our ability and reputation in the enterprise community  not only Vietnam domestic market but also oversea market.

We would like to send our faithful thanks to our clients, our co- operators and suppliers, who have made us strong and successful as today by giving awareness and support in business.
In the near future, Quoc Hung Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd commits to examine and apply the latest innovation technology to provide the better products and services to our respected clients.

Yours faithfully!